Friday, April 1, 2011

Speaking of Shallow

So I try to do a 5km walk several times per week early in the morning.   I have this dream or self image of running, but my left knee votes against that every time so I walk.   Today, it is 48˚F today so I decide to put on a hoodie, gloves and a hat.   It is a bit cold when I head out.  On with the iPod and the Nike+ to keep me company.

A few minutes into the walk with the street lights behind me,  I'm approaching a brick mailbox when my shadow crosses the mailbox and I panic thinking someone is right on top of me.   I look like an idiot and then laugh at myself.   Back to the music.

A few minutes later, walking along a young gal runs past me dressed in shorts and a t-shirt with her dog on a leash beside here.  A few minutes later another man runs past me dressed about the same.  

So here I am all bundled up in fear of the cold, walking along in the dark, scared of my own shadow, with young(er) people running around me with their dogs.  

Perhaps it is time for me to get one of these for future outings.

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