Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's on my Iphone?

OK, I've finally got my iPhone perfectly configured with exactly what I need on it. Since this is now the perfect list of applications, I thought I'd share it here.
  1. Evernote is the starting point. The tag line is Remember Everything which is about how I use it. I take pictures of receipts when traveling (and even my room number once at the hotel). I've sent legal documents, directions, great blog posts and many other things to Evernote via email and via my browser. I've seen posts on how students and teachers are using it too.   
  2. Instapaper is next and I use it to save web pages to read later. The beauty of this app is that it stores web pages on your phone (or computer) in an easy to read format without all the side glitz on so many pages.
  3. Reeder is the tool I use for blog reading. I follow probably 200 blogs and this tool lets me work with Google Reader to quickly scan and read posts. Very simple and works well with Google Reader.
  4. OmniFocus is the tool I use for tracking todos. A bit pricy but works well on the iPhone and links to your desktop too.
  5. SplashID is the tool for keeping IDs and such secure on the mobile device. Can't remember all these passwords anymore and this keeps track of them in a secure fashion.
  6. Google Voice for phonemail. 
  7. Cardstar is used to keep track of all those membership cards and numbers which I don't want to carry around.
There are several Bible apps available but the one I prefer is the one from Laridian.   I like the way you can navigate from book to book and from location to location in the books.   I find it easier than the other apps I've seen.

These are mostly productivity apps that help me 'keep it together' in whatever fashion it is together.   I love some cool apps like Star Walk, Wolfram, Chronometer and Spyglass too. I figure I'll use Spyglass in case I ever spot a UFO and want to capture a picture with all the relevant data that scientists would need to validate my claim.

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