Monday, January 3, 2011

Acts 29

Our church family is launching a study this year called Acts 29.   You may have already realized that there is no 29th chapter in the book of Acts in the New Testament of the Bible.   Acts stops at 28.

The idea is that the work of the church continues to this day and the acts have not ended yet.   The actions that followers of Jesus are taking to this day are still writing the book and that what we do today will ripple forward to those around us and those yet to come.   This goes hand-in-hand with the Write a Good Story post of earlier and the recommendation to read the book The Butterfly Effect:  How Your Life Matters which I mentioned in this earlier post about our place in this time and world.

There are many in the past who have done great things and stood in the gap to address hunger, hurt and evil.  I have a friend who stands to help preachers and church leaders who are hurting and helps to mend their lives and their hearts.   I can't begin to fantom what good might come from that over time.   Unfortunately, just as good has rippled through time, so has evil.  I hope my actions are part of a good story that is being written.

I look forward to this study and will pass along related thoughts from time-to-time.   Some thoughts on this study will be posted on twitter at #MRCCActs29 if you want to follow along.   Or you can download material here or by following @MRCCActs29 on Twitter.

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