Thursday, November 11, 2010


Do you know someone or have you met someone that when you had their attention, you had their full attention.   They were totally focused on you, looking into your eyes and deeply tuned into what you were saying?   I've seen two people like this recently.

I've heard that when you meet former US President Bill Clinton that he is like this.   A friend of mine told me about meeting him in a receiving line in Oklahoma City at the National Memorial and that when it was time for you to talk to him, he turned his full attention to you and no one else.   It was a really amazing experience.   I saw Clinton in Phoenix at an IT conference last month, but didn't get the opportunity to meet him.

Two weeks ago I attended an Amy Grant concert in Oklahoma City.   Amy did a meet-and-greet before the concert for an hour or so and during that time, I watched her interact with the crowd.   It was really interesting to me because she seemed genuinely interested in the people she met, she was totally focused on  each person she was talking to, she didn't rush the conversations, she looked in their eyes and she seemed genuinely, genuinely interested in each person.  She wasn't checking her phone for messages or posting updates on twitter.  And she didn't seem worried or rushed about the concert she was about to give.  We stood around for a while because we wanted a picture with her and we eventually got it.  By the way, her concert was great and I bought her latest music.  Check out 'Find What You Are Looking For' in particular.

I'm not a good 'mingler' and not good at focusing on who I'm with at the time.   My mind wonders and I keep checking my phone for messages and email.   My wife can testify to this...    I want to be better at connecting with the people around me and I'm looking for good resources and ideas on this.  I've been to Amazon and have purchased one book which I'll comment on later.   If you have good ideas or resources on these ideas, please let me know.  

I've written much about relationships in the past and I want to get better at this.


  1. I want to get better at this too, then forget about it most of the time when I'm in a crowd of people. My college roommate is a doctor in Tulsa and she has always been focused on others when she talks to them. She's probably the best doctor in Tulsa!

  2. Let me know if you find anything good to read. I gotta get better at this too.