Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Platform

In the event I decide to run for office of the President of the United States, here is my platform as of today.

  1. We have to build a fence on our borders and secure our national border.  This is not an immigration issue, it is a security issue.  We still want immigration because we want new ideas, people and cultures to blend into the US, but we must secure the borders so the wrong people don't get in.
  2. We need a national ID card.   IT professionals know that the beginnings of security are in identity management.   We need an ID system that is the best possible and we need to have periodic reviews and re-certifications to make sure that the ID card is valid and with the right person.  I can hear the ACLU folk objecting, but it is simply time.  Get over it.  This then becomes the platform for linking to other services in society.
  3. We need to have a high-speed rail network connecting our major population centers and immigration centers.  This is an alternative to our overloaded air transportation network.   Just like Europe and parts of Asia.   It is time. 
  4. We need an Apollo style program to bring alternative energy sources on-line for home, auto and work.   This includes nuclear power, solar power, wind and a massive increase in natural gas usage.   
  5. We change the tax structure of the country to greatly simplify the tax process.   Not exactly a flat tax, but along those lines.   We spend too much on doing our taxes and on the government collecting our taxes.  It is time for change.
  6. We attack rising health costs and work towards universal health care.   We have to provide care for everyone but having it done in emergency rooms like today is ridiculous.    We have to start by working on the infrastructure of health care.   We start attacking the costs of health care.  We move all paperwork for medical transactions online and use our new national ID card to connect it all together.   If you want health care, you need your ID and then your doctor can see your full health history.   We start demanding that people take care of themselves and reward those who eat right, exercise, etc.   More to be defined in this area.
  7. We have to cut federal spending.   It is not rocket science to realize that we can't spend more than we take in and we can't keep taxing more and more.   We have to make some hard decisions and stop doing some things at the federal level.  
  8. We bring more troops and military resources overseas home.   Not everything, but we have a thoughtful analysis and discussion about what is needed balanced against what we can afford.
  9. Change the National Anthem to America the Beautiful.  The Star-Spangled Banner is too hard to sing.


  1. I'm in. Should you not have the inclination to run, let me know when you find someone who adopts your platform.

  2. I would vote for you! (Matt also read this and says he would vote for you too on the condition that he can be a member of your cabinet...)

  3. Thanks Allison and Lori. I kept waiting to be called up to the majors, but it never came through. However, I think the election results sent a strong message on some points. Thanks for stopping by!