Friday, October 29, 2010

Election Time

It is nearly election time in the US.    The campaigns and the endless media circus will come to an end in a few days.

When you get in the election booth this year, please set aside the rhetoric, the negative and the "what's in it for me" of this day and instead think about what our country and state needs.   There are serious issues facing us and we need to think clearly in order to find the right path forward.   The US is at an inflection point in many ways and citizens need to take the privilege of voting seriously to affect our future.   Prepare before you go vote, and go in knowing what you are doing to do.

If people have been negative in their campaigns, count that as a strike against them.  If they've been in office for 400 years consider that their time is up and fresh ideas are needed.  If they keep calling the other person a liberal or some other label that has lost meaning, then vote them out.  Instead of politicians, we need statesmen in our state legislatures and our US Congress and our courts.   I heard a quote years ago that Politicians think about the next election while Statesmen think about the next generation.  We need to be thinking about the next generation.

I had the opportunity to listen to former President Bill Clinton speak a few weeks ago at an event in Phoenix.   He commented that we are getting too polarized in our thinking and instead of focusing on the serious issues of the day, we are focusing on what someone said 20 years ago.    We have serious issues at hand. We need to be serious about discourse on these issues.

If you are a person of prayer, then pray for wisdom and insight.  


  1. Excellent thoughts to a difficult question. I think our political system needs to "go back to formula". It's called the constitution. Don't know if our politicians have ever read it, or if they care. It's like Christians being more hung up on their specific group rules than on loving others and serving Jesus, and vice versa. Let's think of elected office as public service, not a professional career. We have a lot to change. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Amen and Amen --- both to your post and to jbinghamoc's comment.

  3. Thanks for stopping by guys. It seems that the election spun strongly in a certain direction. Hopefully we won't be so polarized that nothing gets done.