Friday, August 27, 2010

The New Good Life and Similar

I've been reading the book The New Good Life:  Living Better Than Ever in an Age of Less on my Kindle these past few days. (Thanks for the recommendation Lori).  I've seen several books like this in the past and some of them are quite good.   In this economic climate and time there is a real need for the ideas here.

I liked the ideas in the book and agree with all his main points.   However, the extreme living that he demonstrated was pretty far out there and hard to relate to for me and I think for most people.   In fact, it can sour the message because most aren't going to do the things outlined in the book.   The ideas were right, but the execution was extreme.

This reminded me a great book I read a few years ago about diet and its relation to health (Ultraprevention: The 6-Week Plan That Will Make You Healthy for Life).   There were lots of great points and connections but at the end where the author told us what to do, it was so extreme that it was not really possible to execute.   I ended up being frustrated by it.

Or how about those P whatever exercise DVDs that are on TV.   How many people really do all that?   I'm sure some do and I'm sure that it is great help and benefit to those who go the whole distance with it. I would suspect most play one DVD and after a day or two or maybe a week, they are done.

I have to say something about all of this since it applies at the individual, family, city, state, nation level.   It all comes down to a few simple ideas.
  • Faith, Family and Friends.    Hold onto your Faith.   Keep Family Close.   Cultivate Great Friends.
  • Live Within Your Means.
  • Keep Everything As Simple As Possible.
There are not guarantees and life is not fair.  People get sick.   Jobs are lost.   Across a lifetime, there are easy times and hard times.  If we can just live with these principles the road is likely to be easier.  

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