Friday, May 28, 2010

Rewriting History

I wonder how much of the history we remember is faulty and in some cases, based on fictional works that are only loosely tied to history? I saw the Robin Hood movie a few weeks ago and it is prequel to the 'story of Robin Hood' that we remember. However, that story that we remember is likely based on another movie like the Errol Flynn movie called The Adventures of Robin Hood. Your version of Robin Hood might be based on something different.

Both movies have completely different views of King Richard the Lionheart. So now I go to another authoritative source to find the true answer. Wikipedia.  Perhaps somewhere in all of this is the truth.  Perhaps.

Another movie from a few years ago called Kingdom of Heaven is about the crusades in and around Jerusalem in the 12th century.   I like this movie but it is just a movie.   It does seem to paint a slightly biased picture however because it seems to paint characters in a fashion that are needed for a good movie.   Because this part of human history is so impactful on us today and my knowledge of it is so incomplete I'm now reading a book called The Crusades: The Authoritative History of the War for the Holy Land.  Perhaps this is historically accurate?   It does reference many accounts from the era.

How much time goes by before our collective memory of history fades? Does the nightly news even report a true and 'fair and balanced' view of what happens today?

For an historically accurate report or writing or version, it would seem that it must have many contemporaries who believed it to be true. It should include eyewitnesses who saw the events themselves or perhaps just one generation removed. It has to make sense in context of what happens from the events afterward.   There is much to consider here.


  1. Perhaps something to consider further here is the Bible. It includes eyewitnesses. It would seem that when multiple eyewitnesses tell the same story, it should be considered to be true. I realize this is a bit of an undeveloped thought here, but just something to consider.

  2. Totally true and solid thought. Eyewitnesses plus people who change the direction of their lives as a result of what they see and hear at the time. Good stuff. Thanks for stopping by!