Sunday, January 17, 2010

What is Missing

I was thinking about what we don't know about a story when someone tells us something. How often do we think we fully know what happened, or what a person is doing, or what a person is thinking, when really all we have is one persons perspective on a story and even that is filtered by what they tell us. Nobody other than yourself, and even that is questionable, can tell your story. How can someone tell someone else's story? Even when you tell your story, you leave out details and facts that you either don't want to reveal or leave out because you don't think they are relevant. You may not even know your own self.

Just think about the national news and what we hear as fact but really is just a reporter's perspective or bias. Or think about the gossip you hear from friends, or overhear from others, that may not contain 15% of the true story.

Next time you tell a story about something or someone, think about this. Next time you overhear a story, remember this. Next time someone tells you a story, think about what is not being said.

Most people mean well. Most people don't want to hurt. Don't assume they want to hurt or mean you ill. Perhaps we should all assume the best in people and suffer a few disappointments instead of assuming the worst.

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