Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Blog

OK folks, I'm dropping all the tech and IT topics off this blog as I've started a new one on Wordpress.  I'm definitely keeping this one to write of personal things.  If you are interested in the new blog, I'll post a link somewhere on this page, once I press publish on the other blog.

I'm splitting because I find it weird to write about technical things and other topics in the same forum.   So this one will be about life, family, community, faith, fun, etc.  

I find the same problem with Twitter.  Do you publish personal things and business things on one twitter account?

Of course, I should point out that I'm now actively working three blogs.   This one, the new one and the one I do at work where I write 2-3-4 times per week.   I guess I like to write.

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