Thursday, August 20, 2009

Three Minutes Late

For some reason, every one of my meetings the last two days have had people show up or dial in 3 minutes late. My computer has its time set to an atomic clock buried under a mountain somewhere so it is not possible that I'm early by three minutes. So there must be another reason.

  1. I'm actually in an alternate universe that is running ahead of everyone by three minutes and the atomic clock my computer syncs with is in my universe.
  2. Gravity is lighter where I'm located and as a result the clock is moving faster than elsewhere? (not likely to affect my computer, but who really knows what might happen if gravity were different in my office.) But if it is moving faster, wouldn't it keep getting faster and 3 minutes would be come 4 minutes which would become 5 minutes, etc.
  3. Everyone is running three minutes late. (everyone?)
  4. It is an organized, large-scale conspiracy to upset my calendar.
  5. other?

If you are seeing the same phenomenon, let me know as we might be able to detect a pattern.

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