Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It is a big, beautiful Universe out there. Some Designer...

I recently came across this video on YouTube which talked about the Hubble Ultra Deep Field view into a dark corner of the sky. Very amazing. Follow the link above to view the video. It is bigger than will fit on this page so I had to put a link instead of embedding it here.

You know, it is a big universe out there. It is hard to get your mind around it. Years ago I saw a book in a bookstore that zoomed in by powers of 10 to the size of an atom and then zoomed up by powers of 10 to look out into space. There is a video of that now and you can see it below.

I'll just tell you what I think. I believe there is a God out there and he spoke this all into existence. There is a design. There is a purpose. There is a direction.

I respect that some think differently. It seems to me that the alternative requires faith too.

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  1. The Hubble video was amazing! The mention of 100 billion galaxies, and how we could not understand that # due to having no context made me wonder how we'd ever understand our $11 trillion national debt. (just a side thought)