Thursday, July 2, 2009


I just had the opportunity to go to my high school's reunion. Now I don't want to exactly date myself so let's just say it was between the 70th anniversary and the 5th anniversary. It was, however, long enough that a lot of showmanship that is apparent in early reunions was pretty much gone. People where there just being themselves and generally glad to see one another.

I wasn't sure I was going to go, but couple of friends contacted me and since I live in the town where the reunion was happening, I couldn't really not show up. Especially since I had a friend flying in from North Carolina to attend. I offered that friend a ride to the reunion and he declined because I think he, like me, wanted maximum flexibility to leave (or no show?).

I should also add that I had been having fun on facebook and twitter with the reunion and all the extravagant lengths I was going to in order to be ready for the reunion. Like working out in the gym for 20,000 hours or whether or not I should reveal that I was a brain surgeon and a double naught spy.

At the reunion, people were really glad to see one another. It seemed that in many cases, you didn't recognize people at first glance, but once you saw a name and looked again, it was obvious. Once the evening got started, it was a lot of fun to catch up with people that I've not seen in a long time. There were several folks that I probably talked to more at the reunion than I did in high school!

In any case, here are my reunion thoughts:
  1. If your school is having one, go. Everybody is nervous about it. Go anyway.
  2. Have fun and smile. Be genuinely glad to see people. Remember, everyone is nervous.
  3. Listen to their stories. Everyone has a story.
  4. Do connect up with people again. Get their email address or connect on facebook. You never know. It was always better to be in touch than out of touch.
Life is short. Enjoy the ride. Have some fun.

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