Monday, July 20, 2009


I went to two funerals this past week. Monday and Tuesday at 2pm both days. One was for Tom Boker and the other was for Bob Tucker. Both funerals had hundreds of attendees. The line to visit with the Boker's lasted for over an hour, just to cycle through and shake hands or give a hug. After the other funeral, there was a similar time for the families and visitors to mingle. Both were good men and both have good families. They will be missed.

The time to celebrate good people is not when they die however. The time to celebrate is when they are alive. When we are alive. Look for opportunities to hug someone around you. Tell someone you appreciate them ( or Love them ). Write a note to someone today. Invite some friends over for dinner. Go to a ball game with friends.

This past weekend, I spent two days with my son in a class. We had a great time. He is excited about what we did and I am too. I look forward to spending time with him on this going forward. THAT was a great use of two days.

Hope you are having a great day.

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  1. Can you say Locked up Abroad? :) Funny story. Do you believe things like that happen for a reason?

  2. Crud, what a terrible mistake. Apologies Mark. Above comment should have been in response to your Pizza story. :(