Monday, June 15, 2009

You Matter

I have to do a lot of travel and 1-3 times per year I even fly across the Pacific to visit work sites in Asia and sometimes Europe. No matter what class you fly on the airplane, a 13 hour flight is flat out long and painful. Fine food and movies don't make it much better. One good movie out of eight is about average for the flight. It is just a long time to sit.

On these trips, I'll try to read and perhaps watch some movies. Sometimes I can pass time with the Ipod. Thank goodness for the Kindle. However, without exception, I always miss family, friends and home. I don't know why that is, but on outbound long flights, I tend to think of home and friends and it can really make me sad.

One thing that tends to help is to think about good/funny things or inspirational stories. I have this huge collection of short stories, or lists of this or that, or just things to think about that I've collected over the years from emails or blogs. You know the ones where a friend sends you a short funny story, or an inspirational thought or the like. Whenever I find a new one, I cut and paste it onto my iPhone (used to be Palm) as a note. On the long flights, it is pretty common for me to just read through these things and think about different people and things I need to do and things I need to say.

Seth Godin just posted this and I wish I had written it myself. I'm adding this to my iPhone collection. This is a good thing to read and then re-read later when on a long flight.

You might start savings these too...

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  1. Thanks so much Mark. This is encouraging at a time of transition in which I need some encouragement. God bless you.