Saturday, May 30, 2009


This twitter ride is pretty interesting.  I started a while back and as of right now, I have 155 people following people from all over the world.   Only a handful are close friends or family and many have thousands and thousands of people they are following so I know I'm not something special to them.  They probably aren't really plugged into me for my profound tweets.

It looks like lots of people make a big deal of trying to sell their services online and they are using this forum to connect.   There are lots of posts all over the internet about this and many of these people will 'help' you make money online and via twitter or a blog.   It is just interesting.

I'd really like to find more people I know to connect to and I'm looking for such.   I've enjoyed having fun with twitter and leaving pithy tweets about this or that and I love reading the funny things that are posted by friends on twitter or on their Facebook status.    I've really become deeply interested in connecting with friends and colleagues via Twitter and LinkedIn.   I'm convinced that connecting with those around is more and more important these days and going forward.   

I have to also say that I can clearly see ways for small business to make money using Twitter.  It is just so obvious.   A local mexican food restaurant does tweets and tells those who follow of daily specials.   I've got a great idea I'm going to share with a friend when I see him next.

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