Thursday, May 28, 2009

Repairing Friendships

I've had some interest in how you repair relationships that have broken down.  I stumbled across a posting at HBR that had two good points so I wanted to provide a link to it here.   We probably can all use these ideas at one time or another.   

If the relationship was damaged by the other person, then perhaps forgiveness is necessary on your end, even if it is not asked for by the other party.   Forgiveness is necessary because you need to let go and move on.   Even if the other party doesn't ask for it and even if they don't deserve it.  Zen Habits had a good post this week on this.   

There was a great sermon series at church last Spring on this subject and it had many of these same points.   I think I just need to keep working on this myself.

By the way, I write about lots of good ideas in this blog.  I don't have them all down myself.  Most times I'm writing to myself.

I hope all who stop by have a great day today.   Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Forgive - remind me of this powerpoint :

  2. Thanks for the post Yiang Hwee. Good material. Thanks for stopping by too.