Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Relationships, Trust and Collaboration

I came across this article from a site I really like.   I believe I referenced the site once before long ago, but I'll do it again here.   I've written a lot about the importance of relationships and connecting and about the underlying need for trust in these relationships.

This article talks about the importance of building meaningful relationships, not just to close a sale or get something you want, but to build the relationship for itself.   One quote:
...be a real person.  Act like one, care like one and feel like one.
and then further talks about how little time people have and 'our attention as a currency' which is so true too.   

I've been working this past year to better connect with those around me in my community, church, company and industry.   I've never been one to enjoy or do much networking.   Now I'm doing it and meeting people for lunch just for the sake of meeting them for lunch.   No agenda other than to connect.

As a bonus, read this one too.

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