Thursday, March 5, 2009

Light over Darkness

There have been a number of recent resources that I've seen about getting on with things in this economic climate.    The news is all bad on TV and most other information channels.   But probably, the biggest problem the economy is facing is all the negative news itself!   It seems to me that 'confidence' might be the most important resource that is lacking today.

Individuals and companies are not spending any money and doing that to an extreme.   Thus, everything is grinding to a halt.   Now I'm not saying run out and buy and for those who have over-leveraged themselves, they need to fundamentally fix that problem.   And, we need to all be saving more than spending.   However, we've got to get our confidence back.

I think all of us need to start looking for good news and we all need to be looking to help each other get through this.   Here is a site that talks about a teacher who changed the culture where she worked.   HBR has an article that says we need to cut out the doom and gloom talk.

I think the TV networks would do good to start finding more good news to share.   All is not bad.

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  1. Once again this is uncanny. On Sunday, listen for what I had already planned before reading your blog -- Confidence plays a major part. While my discussion will be in a slightly different context, I've been thinking a great deal about confidence lately myself. I enjoy your posts more than you can realize.
    -Mark Taylor