Friday, December 12, 2008

Change of Course

Lately, I've been reflecting on changes in course in life and how a moment might come and go which years later you realize was a major turning point in your life.   It might be a decision about where to go to school or what to study.   Or perhaps about getting married.   Or maybe it is about whether to take this job or that.   You look back, and you realize that it was an important moment.   You didn't realize it at the time.

Steve Jobs spoke at a Stanford commencement exercise a while back and I've watched the video several times.   He talks about connecting the dots and about sometimes a change that seems bad is really an open door to something good.   Listen to this.

Years ago, someone I didn't know at the time quit a job because he had a boss he couldn't stand.   He moved to a new company and then a few weeks later, that boss he hated became his new boss at the new company!   A nightmare.   I had the opportunity to hire this person out of that nightmare into a better place and he became a friend.   Sometimes you look back...

In the current economic climate, people are seeing their 401Ks and stock options with far less value than 12 months ago.  We might wish we would have done something different, but we can't now.  There is simply no point in wasting time on opportunities lost.    This is a turning point and things we might have assumed are now different.  

Looking back I can see other such points in my own life.   Meeting my wife.   Moving to Singapore and back.   Changing jobs 16 years ago.  

I guess the moral of all of this is that I believe there is a purpose in this life.   I have a Christian worldview and I believe things are unfolding according to a grand plan.   Leave no regrets and live the moment.  

I'm writing this one because I need to hear it myself.

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