Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life 101 - Speaking in Public

Well many say that speaking in public is one of their biggest fears. I took debate in high school and it was probably the best experience in all of high school because I learned how to stand up and speak and how to organize my thoughts and arguments. I certainly recommend experiences like debate as very valuable.

When I was in Engineering school, we had to take a class on Engineering Ethics. Near the end of the term, everybody had to make a presentation to the class. I was amazed at how poorly many did at this assignment. Many just stood up and read a report. Ugly.

I came across this post on speaking in public that I thought was interesting with good ideas so I wanted to share it. Probably, learning how to speak and communicate your ideas to others belongs on the Life 101 list I'm working.

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  1. yeah, i've notice most people who have to get up in speak in front of the class are trembling. I really don't care that much, since im old and all.....and of course, picture all of them in their underwear...