Saturday, November 22, 2008

Life 101: Everyone is Important

In the Life 101 posting earlier, I was making a list of things to talk to kids about to help them start out right. I came across the book What I Wish I Knew at Eighteen and in the description it stated that

Everyone's story is important; everyone's life can make a difference.

That comment is so true and one that is so often forgotten until someone is gone. It is hard to appreciate the wonderful people around you until they are gone. Perhaps they move, or things change or someone dies and then you realize too late. How about instead trying to walk through life day-by-day trying harder to connect with those around you. Start with those who are closest because it might be those you take for granted. Seems like one great lesson to add to the list of lessons is to appreciate those around you, listen to their stories, appreciate everyone.

When I was in junior high and then moved into high school, I noticed that many who were quiet in junior high and in the shadows really blossomed into wonderful people in high school. They were there all along, but I didn't see them. Open your eyes and appreciate all those around you.

I've talked a lot about community in earlier postings and I mentioned in several places how important it is to connect with those around you.

Everybody has a story.  Everybody is valuable.  See it.

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