Saturday, November 8, 2008

Klondike - Way Off Usual Topics

I have an iphone and I play the card game Klondike 3-deal which is the standard Solitaire game that everyone has learned. The game is Solebon and you can find it in the Apple Iphone app store.

I've played the game enough times, I won't admit how many times, and I've won on average 7.0% of the time as of today. I've been above 7% a few times and below but it seems to be converging to that percentage given how I play.

I find that to be a shockingly low number of times. I never realized that I only won this card game 7 times out of 100. I've asked numerous people how often they win and everyone says much higher percentages so either my card playing strategy is very weak or most people don't realize how often they are losing at this simple game. This game keeps statistics which are very interesting.

Solataire Central says you tend to one in 30 hands or about 3% so perhaps I'm beating those standard odds.   There is a rather cryptic discussion of the odds of winning that can be found on this article that talks about the odds of winning Klondike , but it doesn't give a very practical results.

I've also learned that my kids are winning more often than me, i.e. they have a higher percentage of winning than I have. Now this is not possible in the real world so what is going on? In talking further about it, they are taking cards from the foundation stacks and moving them back into play if they need them below on the lower stacks. I've never heard of this before and didn't know this was possible or in the rules of the game. However, I can't find anything online that says it is legal or not legal. The software lets you do it so it must be legal. So here is a tip or strategy that I was blind to and not even trying. I couldn't see it as an option yet it was right there available to use. Something to think about.

You can see strategies to win at places like The Solitaire Strategy Guide for lots of ideas.


  1. I am in contention for the longest loss streak record! Also, I think that the kids cheat :)

  2. Let me just say that the kids can't be cheating... we're just that good! so HA! No, but you're right, it is pretty hard...