Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Network Around You

I was thinking once about the family and friends around me that I'd jump to help if they were in a crisis or had a problem.   If you stop and think about it,  you might make a list that is surprisingly long in length.    I wonder if the people on my list know that they would be on my list?  

We once helped out some friends who were in a financial jam.   It was obvious to us that we needed and wanted to do this.   I think it surprised our friends.    There are few things better in life than helping out someone.

There was someone we barely knew who was very sick a few years ago.  I didn't really know him, but I had seen him and his family as he battled with cancer over a period of time.   I never new this guy and didn't go to school with him, but I was stunned at how many people rallied around him, his wife and his kids as he battled with cancer.   It made a huge impression on me.   

Think about who these people are around you that you care deeply about and perhaps let them know in some fashion that you care. 

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