Thursday, October 23, 2008

Making a Difference

Do you ever feel that what you do doesn't make a difference?   That nobody notices or cares and you feel irrelevant or anonymous?   I read the book "Three Signs of a Miserable Job" which I referenced on the right and these are two of the things about a job that make it miserable.  The book really talks about how to be fulfilled at a job and it just uses the negative for the title.

I suspect we probably make more of a difference in this world than we realize.  At least most people do.   You make a difference at home with your spouse and kids.   You set an example and you can shape their days and their futures.   You make a difference with neighbors,  colleagues at work or school, church and all your extended family.   

Besides making a difference with your trade or skills, you also make a difference when you demonstrate your values.   For example, do you demonstrate trust?  Can people trust you?  Do they learn more about trust by watching you day after day?  I had a situation where someone I trusted seemed to betray that trust and I can tell you it really hurt.  Is the difference you make every day a good one or a negative one?

We have a friend in Oregon who helps churches and ministers and leaders who are in crisis.  He helps them find a path to something better when things have gone wrong.  He often sees people in a crisis or a meltdown where they've been fired or done something wrong or been betrayed or whatever and he tries to help them find their way.   Talk about someone making a difference at a most important time in a person or families life.

At the end of your days, it probably won't matter whether you had an iPhone or not.   The differences you made across your lifetime in the community around you will probably matter a lot more.  You are part of a community of family and friends.


  1. mark, you misspelled the word "feel" you said "fell".

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  2. Thanks for being my spell check!