Friday, September 26, 2008

Friends Around the World

I'm on my way home from Asia and I will certainly be glad to see my wife and family soon.  However, it is really amazing to have friends and associates all over the world.  Dan in Paris, Ben in Northern Ireland, CP in Singapore and Madan in Thailand and dozens more in these places and others.  

I read the books "Six Degrees" and "Linked" a few years ago.  They talk about how we have a connected world where you can reach almost anyone via six or so people, except for Osama I guess.  I think this is very true.  If I had to reach someone in India I'd contact my friend Bala who lives in India and I would already be in country with only one link.  

I really tresure these friends and connections.  I mentioned before that someone I'm close to says we have work friends and personal friends.  I disagree.  I just have friends.  I hope I am a friend to these people.

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