Friday, August 8, 2008


I listened to a lecture by a Disney Imagineering VP today (still on the cruise). He talked about how the Imagineers at Disney are always thinking about storytelling in everything they do. The rides at the parks, the movies and other products from Disney are based on stories. To be a good Imagineer, you need to have a bit of an engineering flavor to you (his background was finance however) and you need to be able to talk to others about what can be done, what you are thinking, what is possible, etc. You need to be able to relate to a story or tell a story.

I read a lot about presentations and how to tell a story or present something to a business group. I'm big on doing strategic planning and at work, I've been either the author or a partcipant on several efforts to document a strategic plan for my organization. In the end, we don't really ever show the document (powerpoint) anywhere but the effort to create the plan, the strategy or the story is the real gain for us. Putting the story together is more valuable than telling the story. Now we post it on-line for all to see and it was mentioned on my company blog several times, but the effort to write the plan, to write the story, was the most valuable part to me.

However, I do talk about the outcome of the plan on my company blog a lot. In short, I tell parts of the story over and over.

I think storytelling is more important than I've realized. I need to find a good book on this subject.


  1. I'm not surprised that Disney constantly thinks about storytelling because it shows in everything they do. They've had great movies, rides and entertainment. Everyone associated with Disney seems to have a smile on their face, and they seem constantly happy. They seem to have mastered storytelling in my opinion.

  2. An interesting slideshare on story telling: