Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kindle Thoughts

I've not mentioned it before, but I have an Amazon Kindle.   I travel a lot and I've found this book reader to be terrific.   I might change a few things, but overall I really like it.   I find myself downloading books all the time.  I've been sitting in an airport and thought of a book I wanted and within 2-3 minutes, I had it downloaded on the kindle and I read it while on the plane.   

The ease of ordering books might result in buying too many books.  It is just so easy.    I've found several books I wanted that weren't on the Kindle list yet, but hopefully that list will continue to expand.   

A simple example of this is that I was reading through a number of blogs just now while watching the Olympics and came across this post about an interesting book.     I followed the link on that blog to Amazon and because I was interested in this, I hit the one click buy and it was wirelessly downloaded to my Kindle.   I should also mention that I ordered one during the day today too so that is two that I ordered just today.   

Pretty fast.   Certainly vulnerable to impulse buys.   Fortunately, I read very fast and at times, can read several books per week.

I was showing my friend Kevin the Kindle recently and he indicated he wanted one. Later, he borrowed mine(via my wife) and when I commented to him about how fast he got his Kindle, he remarked that he even got it with my own books pre-downloaded on it. 

BTW, the book I reference above is called Chasing Daylight and it is a different book than the one by the same title I referenced in an earlier posting.  Weird.

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  1. I have a few free applications on my iphone that you can download books to read, but I would have to agree that kindle is much more sensible than reading a book on a small iphone screen. Since I don't have a kindle, I will make due. I have really enjoyed having the ability to read a book on my iphone right when I think I want to read it though. I was on my lunch break at work and decided that I wanted to read The Great Gatsby, and a few minutes later, I was reading it on my iphone! Kindle is a much better developed idea. I'm glad you are enjoying yours!