Tuesday, August 5, 2008

For the Ecomony

We are doing are part to help the economy. We are currently on a Disney cruise ship in the Pacific somewhere off the coast of Mexico. It is brutal, but we felt it was necessary to help out.

We've been here for two days now. Today was snorkaling and kayaks in cabo san lucas (sp). Our boat broke down so part of the adventure was cut short. However, it was ok. The local kept saying 'sorry, sorry, sorry' and I think he was hoping we would not ask for a refund. Kindof funny actually.

We are here with another couple and all the kids are enjoying it. We've been to lots of sessions on talking about diamonds, shopping, weight loss, magic, future cruise planning, etc. My wife won a disney lanyard full of disney collectable pins. Tomorrow, we are in some other town and we have no plans there except to walk around and shop. We'll test out my daughter's command of the Spanish language.

Anyway, it is a much needed break from things and all are enjoying it. We are here with great friends. All are safe. Take care.

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