Saturday, July 5, 2008

Everything is Spiritual

A friend of mine (Nick) loaned me this DVD by Rob Bell.   I was amazed by this and must have watched it several times.   Several others have also watched and also been impressed.   

Rob talks about the Christian Worldview and Science together and stitches together these two views of the world in a great way.   Many of the ideas I've seen in other places, but he tells this as a 'story' and he does it very well.   

I've ordered one of his other DVDs and will talk of that later.    

Anyway, highly recommended.


  1. I watched that a few months ago and was really impressed. Rob Bell points out that science and religion don't contradict each other, but they support each other. Many christians today have trouble explaining science and religion, but Rob makes it seem so easy. I would recommend this DVD to everyone!


  2. Yes, I agree, this movie is most exellent. I personally would recommend this to anyone [Allison] is right.