Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Be Optimistic

I posted a link earlier about living a remarkable life.   I think that is such a great thought and great list on that article that I've continued to think about it.   Yesterday, I came across this article about being optimistic.   To me, this relates to living remarkably and it even relates to community and relationships.

I recently read a book ( can't remember which one ) that talked about working towards your strengths and not your weaknesses.   We tend to focus on things we need to improve, when perhaps the strengths we already have can propel us forward.  In business, what things do we do well?  In my personal life, perhaps my strengths are more important than I realize?   In many cases, you can shore up the weaknesses with other means like sourcing that area differently.

Anyway, be remarkable.  Be Optimistic.  Have Faith. Life is Good.

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